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We are adding new materials in stock as they become available call 01527 529713 or emal [email protected] and ask or a label quotation

KTEC GROUP is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of low cost blank rolls of labels, paper and card ticket suited to roll fed digital label print machines. Our materials are made in ISO standard conditions and particularly clean for food usage. We have many thousands of users using our label media as pre-cut to size labels on rolls in a variety of digital printers we or others have supplied.   Some customer use our paper and card product to print tickets and coupons.  If KTEC GROUP supplies a printer and roll of label media then rest assured it is already tested and guaranteed for good performance.  Additionally we do a free sample print service so you can have actual samples to test and approve for your products. Furthermore our regular customers purchasing our materials and ink enjoy free technical help at any time in order to ensure their in-house label print system is kept working on a day to day basis.  

Self-adhesive labels, paper or card ticket we supply are manufactured and wound to rolls to suit specific printer models and print methods with a warranty.

Full photo quality colour label print methods include Ink Jet Roll and Laser Toner Roll with Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Roll reserved for lesser quality needs like for single colour or black barcodes and instructions.

We will add new tested materials here as they are approved and become available.....

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Ink jet self-adhesive roll 'WHITE PAPER' TYPES

A2Wjet -New Permanent gloss white paper label with a high grab adhesive best to prevent winging on most surfaces

Ajet -Permanent gloss white paper label (most previously sold)

AjetF -Permanent gloss white paper label (with Deep Freeze  adhesive)

AjetP -Permanent gloss white paper label with (easy peel adhesive)

AjetPG - gloss white ink paper label with (easy peel adhesive especially for clean removal from glass )

AjetPGU - gloss white ink paper label with (ultra peel adhesive especially for clean removal from glass )

A2jet -Permanent gloss white paper label (Alternative thicker face)

A2Bjet -Permanent gloss white paper label (Alternative thicker face with blue block out adhesive )

A3jet- Permanent semi-gloss white paper label

Bjet - Permanent matt white paper label

Bjet2 - Alternative Permanent matt white paper label

Vjet - Permanent off white paper label with a textured finish

VBjet - Permanent black paper label with a smooth finish

Rjet - Permanant Eco paper with compostability

RjetF - Freeze Eco paper with compostability

Ink jet self-Adhesive roll 'WHITE PLASTIC' TYPES

Ijet- Easy peel satin pearl white PP plastic label (special property will lock to itself if overlap to prevent winging)

Jjet-  Smooth matt white PP plastic label on a honey liner general usage

Ljet - Permanent mat white PP plastic label 

Njet- Matt white PP plastic label acrylic adhesive (indoors)

Hjet - Permanent satin pearl white PP plastic label 

Wjet - Easy peel gloss white PP plastic label (special property will lock to itself if overlap to prevent winging)

Ujet- Perm white PP plastic label 

XjetF - high grab white PP plastic label 

Yjet - High grab gloss white PP plastic label 

Zjet - Very High grab gloss white PP plastic label 

Cjet -High grab matt white PP extra thick plastic label 

Djet - High grab matt white PE low cost plastic label (outdoor use possible)

Kjet- High grab matt white PP plastic label BS6509 (outdoor use possible)

Sjet- Matt white PP plastic label acrylic adhesive (indoors)

Ink jet self-Adhesive roll ' CLEAR PLASTIC' TYPES

Gjet - Permanent Gloss clear PP plastic label

Mjet - Permanent Matt clear PP plastic label

Ink jet non-adhesive types

Ejet - Gloss white NO ADHESIVE paper 

Fjet - Gloss white NO ADHESIVE card 

Thermal Transfer paper types (printers with ribbon)

TT1 -semi gloss white paper label for thermal transfer printers that use a ribbon

Off the shelf ink jet label rolls

Note that we have a range of sizes of our popular Ajet gloss paper ink roll labels ready to ship on a next day service in our corporate shop, choose you printer model from the selectiuon box on the left side so to list labels that will fit into your machine click here to choose and order on line

Off the shelf thermal transfer label rolls

Note that we have a range of sizes of the popular semi-gloss thermal transfer roll labels suited to barcode label printers ready to ship on a next day service in our corporate shop click here to choose and order on line

Custom size cutting service

For a custom label quotation delivered in 7 to 10 days days call 0044 1527 529713 and ask for the labels division or email them on [email protected].

Prototype sample roll cutting service

Not sure how your planned label shape will look on the product?  Ask us to cut a small roll of labels on our digital cutting machine do you can try them out, we can even print them on the digital label printer of choice or recomendation.

View our cutter list

We have many thousands of label cutters in our library to use to die-cut labels on rolls to order for you in the popular ink jet, thermal transfer and direct thermal types. The list is in label size order. When you see the list you will see each cutter is listed as say example ...

20,20,3,PAPER,,FX 352

The first figure is the leading edge across the roll in mm.

The second figure is the length of the labels down the roll in mm,

The third figure is the maximum number of labels this tool can cut across the roll, but don't worry you can have one across if needed we slit the roll after cutting.  Don't ask for so many across that they wont fit in the printer !

The number like 'FX352' is our cutter number, the label gap size may also be shown.

You can view our cutter list here and note the size needed.


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