Food (Recipe) Management System (FMS)


FMS is food recipe labelling software that follows the UK Government legislation by printing correct ingredients listed with optional nutrition detail, bolded allergens, quid%, expiry date, barcode and more.
In the full version by entering your basic ingredients each product can be quickly built by adding ingredients by weight and when the label is printed FMS has arrange all the compound ingredients in the correct order.
FMS saves hours and hours of editing food labels since if any one ingredient is changed it ripples through the database and updates all your product in under a second! The FMS system is ideal for use with our colour label printers that are very high definition up to 4800dpi excellent for small ingredients printing and colour nutrition detail.  FMS includes an ability to create print queues so each day you only need click a button to print that days needs or edit some of the quantities and go.

Some customers have already jumped ahead and purchased our FMS recipe based labelling system.  Imagine if you change one ingredient in your food product. Using separate label layouts or even a product list with ingredients it would take some time to edit each label or change each ingredient in the list.  Similarly it takes a time to BOLD up each allergen now that this is a legal requirement.

Well the FMS labelling system changes all your labels automatically in seconds!

There is some initial set up where you enter each ingredient you use into the ingredients list adding the nutrition details of each ingredient from the manufacturer’s wrapper or container. Then FMS lets you drag ingredients to ‘build’ your first product by adding one or more ingredients to a ‘product’ and keying in the weight of each of the ingredient used. Now FMS does the magic and creates the fully expanded ingredients listing for the product, we call this the composition.

FMS has built in ‘rules’ to automate the hard work for you.FMS - KITCHEN DISPLAY

Of course FMS knows the weights of each ingredient so FMS lists the ingredients correctly in weight order. It knows the full description of each ingredient as you already entered these. It can work out the QUID % of the key ingredient(s) and display the value(s) like 33% chicken for example. Now FMS will automatically search for allergens and highlight them all by say Bolding.

The icing on the cake is when you use a colour roll label printer and add the ready made Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) or Nutrition‘Traffic Light’ colour indicating lozenges or summary or full colour nutrition tables.  FMS will automatically fill in the total energy and nutrition values for the product usually as kJ/kCal for energy and g (grams) or fractions of a g for each nutrition, as well as changing the colours to provide a clear indication as to the energy and nutrition levels in the product.

We added a ‘kitchen display’ for touch screen selection and printing of labels by category, bread type for sandwiches or other grouping.

There is a great deal more to FMS to speed up your food label print management.NUTRITION LOSENGE

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