Print Your Own Labels – see what it saves you!

All of our customers save money by printing their own labels whether they are a small sole trader, manufacturing company, distributor, retailer or commercial label house using our methods to increase profits or making money from short run label printing.

We have many thousands of users but let’s use an example of one customer where each bought in label costs 5p.

The customer can be wasting so many labels as products go out of date or when the product specification changes.  Many labels may have to be scrapped and the per label cost can jump to 7p.

The storage space needed and extra administration to ensure all the correct types are ordered raises this to perhaps 9p per label.

With a desktop digital label printing machine and low cost blank rolls supplied they can print labels needed for each product or package that day.  This can bring the cost down to around 2p per label.

That way up to 7p can be saved on each and every label used.

If the customer is printing 200 labels per day they could save £14 per day or £5,000 each year back on profits.

Another customer who prints 500 labels per day could save £35 per day or £17500 each year.

If the daily number of printed labels is 1000 there could be a saving of £70 per day or £25,550 each year.

We have some high volume food labelling customers using 2,000,000 labels per year.  That’s around 5500 labels per day.  They get the blank label rolls supplied by us cheaper of course with such volumes, and did get a good price before for printed sorts but wasted so much money on print plates and tooling that we still managed to save them around 0.3p per label so £600,000 each year.

One medium sized manufacturing customer confessed he had collected a warehouse full of ‘out of date’ and ‘wasted’ labels over the years to a value (loss) of £250,000!!

You can see that if you spend say £5000 on a good quality roll fed bulk ink tank label printer it will in the worst case pay for itself in a year and then bring much greater profits each year after that.  But we have full colour label roll printers from just £949.00

Many customers print 1000 labels per day easily so even the best printer is paid back in 2.4 months and adds around £20,000 in profits each year thereafter.

What we can also consider are the new markets an efficient roll fed colour label printer will bring to the table by instantly printing labels for new product samples, customers own logos when requested and labels in exact quantities.  We have helped small producers customers print labels for honey jars right up to Coca Cola printing personalised labels for soft drinks markets.  Businesses can fly a lot farther and faster with such a system printing variable information labels just when needed, its the modern way.

Now let’s put the icing on the cake……. We can offer the label print system fully installed with a supply of labels and ink on a low payment lease purchase scheme so our customers don’t even have to spend any capital to get started and enjoy the savings from day 1.  Customers can even get a UK GOV tax rebate!   Let’s say after testing and demonstration a customer would like the best bulk tank ink label printer we have with training, blank labels on rolls and inks.  |The cost would normally be £6000 + VAT.   The outlay can be as low as £4.56 per day on our 5 year plan but then they get a £1652 tax rebate on payments (no joke), that means the cost per day is reduced to £3.65.  But remember they are saving  £14 or £35 or £70 or even £1650 every day in the day to day label print examples shown.

I am an engineer and not an accountant (I need and get help with that part) but I can say this works every time.

Let us help you with print samples, cost per label ideas and work out the savings you can make.

Robert Knox, MD, KTEC GROUP Labels-U-Print ® – The Short Run Label Printer and Supplies Specialists

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