A2JetPGU extra thick gloss white self adhesive paper label with an ULTRA easy remove peelable adhesive specifically for glass 


A thick gloss white coated instant dry water based ink jet compatible PAPER label with an ULTRA easy peel removable adhesive specifically for glass and white release liner.


Supplied die-cut to size and shape labels on rolls or slit to a continuous feed uncut roll, the media can be printed on with our range of dye and pigment ink digital based label printers. Works best with dye ink and may take a little longer to dry with pigment ink types and switching to 'cym' instead of 'cymk' mode may help speed drying as the black ink (k) takes the longest to set into the coating.  The ULTA easy peel adhesive means the material is good for applying to say greeting cards, ceramics and retail goods where the labels need to be easily removed afterwards but specifically good for apply and easy remove from glass without leaving any residue


The printed label can be used indoors.  The adhesive is ULTRA removable.  Paper labels are not good for outdoors.   


The material has been tested in our works. KTEC GROUP provide a free print sample service that we recommend you use so that samples can be provided and tested in your own conditions of use. Please ensure to send in your artwork or print colour approval and test the printed surface with any chemicals or solvents that may come into contact with the label.  Test the adhesive to make sure it performs as expected when applied to your product or packaging.


Specification Face:

Grams per Square Metre: 87

Caliper Micron: 100

Specification Adhesive:

Peel Adhesion: 1 Newton 

Surface Temperature: - 20 + 50 C  

Specification Liner Backing:

Grams per Square Metre: 60

Caliper Micron: 54

White glassine suited to our automated dispensing and apply machines


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