Neuralabel 300x


NEURALABEL 300x DURABLE PRINTER    (£3952) or (£6426 with powered unwind and rewind)

 workstation bench, computer, screen optional


The Neuralabel 300x with its sunligh resistant durable inks is able to print high quality durable labels any size up to and including A6, A5 and even A4 so ideal for the larger labels for prime poducts and packaging as well as pallets or chemical drums and particularly labels for outdoor storage, pot plants and other product that need good durability in all weathers.   The 300x is based on HP’s page wide high speed one pass printing technology and uses pigment ink jet for a high quality print.  Labels that satisfy the British Standard BS5609 usually a matt white pp like our SJET type along with the new pigment inks means labels can be printed that are suitable for outdoors and especially resistant to sunlight and rain. The 300x can be used with a variety of optional unwinders and rewinders including the specially made fully integrated unwind and rewind unit pictured.


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