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We partner EPSON and Food Management Systems to combine the latest Food Recipe and Nutrition Labelling software with bulk tank Colour Label Printers able to print full colour labels from low cost blank rolls with all the required ingredients nutrition and expiry date details as well as being able to print barcodes, own brand logos and pictures of the product in amazing colour.

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The new EPSON ColorWorks C7500 Series has some new and unique features that  speeds the take up and serious use of digital desktop full colour label printers for food and drink recipe and Nutrition Labelling.  The  C7500G model is ideally suited to gloss labels for that ‘supermarket look’ and the C7500 standard model best for mat labels giving that hand crafted look.

  • Included on site breakdown warranty and print head warranty.   This must first for a manufacturer to include an on-site warranty at no additional cost. Implemented by EPSON engineers who are confident in their new technology they include a 16 hour response to site call out service guarantee if there is any breakdown or print head problem and fix the problem on site and and any replacement print head is included too!
  • 300ml bulk ink tanks.  The C7500 Series has perhaps the largest ink tanks in its class. By buying ink in bulk the cost of colour ink per printed label can be very low typically a fraction of a penny for a full colour 4 x 3 inch (102 x 76 mm) label for example.  We find this can be an important feature of a colour label printer that attracts buyers to print their own labels in exact numbers just when needed.   We have been replacing old thermal printers with full color printers and finding the labels in colour are actually lower cost than the old method of using pre-printed labels with a ribbon overprinter and customer get the ability to change the complete designs at will so no wasted pre-printed labels stock, indeed no stocks at all. One customer has released about 50% of his factory space by removing pre-printed label inventory using just two of our colour label printers.

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  • Self repairing print head. The C7500 Series can repair its own print head!  Well anyone familiar with digital label printing including thermal transfer types will be familiar with an occurrence of a fine unprinted white line in the image at some stage caused by a burned out heater pin or blocked ink nozzle and its bad news if it should corrupt a barcode for example and make it not readable.  The C7500 series print head is piezoelectric so stronger and longer lasting than say a heated bubble jet or heated thermal pin head but also with Dot Substitution whereby any blocked nozzle is detected by back pressure and overcome, the C7500 Series automatically increases the size of the adjacent droplets and the white line has gone, the diagram explains……>
  • High sustained print speed. The C7500 Series is super-fast and maintains its high print quality even at the fast speed of 300mm (12 inches per second) so your labels needed for each product or package can be printed in a very short time.
  • Zebra Emulation.  For users of Zebra thermal and transfer ribbon printers the C7500 Series includes a Zebra printer emulation, so plugzebra mono verses C7500 colour copy out your old mono label printer an plug in the new EPSON ColorWorks C7500.   The C7500 Series can slip full colour backgrounds behind the normal Zebra print so eliminating the need to buy in part printed labels, you get full colour from low cost blanks! Further eliminate the use of ribbon,  ribbon creasing, smudging and ribbon wastage and disposal problems.
  • High quality print.  Many of our customer still have the old 300 dpi printers that can only print black and struggle these days to incorporate the extra detail needed on a labels like for ingredients, nutrition and instructions.  The C7500 Series with its 1200 dpi fine detailed print is especially useful for printing detailed ingredients and instructions labels moving from 300 dpi printing to high precision 1200 dpi imaging and with full colour adding logos, pictures and own branding as required. One of our sandwich and bakery customers is adding colour photographs of customer specific venues and winning new supply contracts showing the power and flexibility of own brand full colour label printing.
  • Accurate roll guide and labels guides.  We can see that Epson have thought well about label guidance through the machine with its extra long feed path and long label guides each side of the label stream. The print is kept in good alignment and register with the label stream even at the high print speeds as shown in the videos.
  • Clip on roll winder.  Epson include an option of a clip on winder driven from the printer itself, a neat solution if wanting to collect the printed labels to a roll for hand application, though we would still recommend the supply of one of our heavy duty winders with tension control if needing tight wound rolls for say machine apply.

Some application videos…

EPSON ColorWorks C7500 Series Secrets Revealed

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VIDEO – EPSON ColorWorks C7500 Series secrets reveiled

VIDEO – EPSON ColorWorks C7500 Series prints variable pigment own brand images onto standard un-coated flash labels.

VIDEO – EPSON ColorWorks C7500 Series prints high quality food nutrition labels  information using our food recipe nutrition software.

VIDEO – EPSON ColorWorks C7500 Series accurately registers and prints onto small blanks use to print Vape Juice bottle labels in full colour as supplied and used in the rapidly growing electronic cigarette markets.


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