Shelf Edge Tickets and Tags

Full colour shelf edge labels and tickets can be printed on the PRIMERA LX900e  affordable for small stores and applications or the SWIFTCOLOR SCL-4000D for high speed high volume requirements.

We supply ink jet printable gloss white card and gloss white coupon style non adhesive printable paper in any cut width, the card suitable for printing shelf edge tickets and ‘barkers’, those larger ones that focus in on offers like buy 1 get one free or tickets as well as the paper for printing tickets and coupons for other applications.

By selection of the roll width for example 76mm then you set the length of the ticket by the design which is then auto cut so a 76mm width roll could cut shelf edge tickets 76 mm x 38 mm long or similar to suit the shelf label area or 76mm x 150mm long say to create larger high visibility barker promotion offers.  Watch the videos showing the LX900e and Swiftcolour SCL-4000D / both fitted with the automatic card / ticket / coupon cutter option.

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