New High Grab and Ultra Grab Adhesive Labels

KTEC GROUP launches two new poly self-adhesive labels types for extra grab and durability.

Most standard labels use low levels of adhesive, even water based acrylics that will provide a reasonable adhesion for most general needs but our customers have been requesting more aggressive adhesives for various applications….

General purpose acrylic adhesives can dissolve in water so no not practical for products that might meet condensation or be stored outdoors for example.  The new GHS and international shipping requirements for say hazardous products require adhesives that will ensure the labels stay on the products even if a marine accident might occur and the product ends up in the sea or washed up on a beach 6 months later, the label must still be there and readable!

KTEC have released labels with a HIGH GRAB (to BS5609) and ULTRA GRAB adhesive that is rubber based and grabs to most surfaces even those that are uneven or perhaps dirty with dust and other contaminants.  The labels are applied as normal and if left to cure for 24 hours they are difficult if not very difficult to remove.

These extra durable plastic labels with the special adhesives can be printed on our thermal transfer barcode printers and our laser toner and ink jet colour roll label printers using pigment ink for outdoor water and sunlight resistance, or just when you want labels to stay on!



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